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I actually mined there few more blocks and everything is working good now. Monero Mining Guide to learn more about the actual mining process. Mining difficulty dropped significantly immediately following the fork, and it remains much easier to mine Monero now than it was before the fork. Monero Crypto Pool FR, monero Crypto Pool FR has been a popular option for European based miners, but recently their uptime hasnt been all that good.

Theyre popular, as you can tell by monero crypto pool fr their.89 MH/s hashrate. All remaining balance was payed to me so I guess all these issues were because of bad pool config by owner. As more and more coins become the victim of asic mining rigs and dedicated mining farms it seems impossible for the average person to compete in mining any longer.

Like Support XMR they have a low.6 fee, but the minimum payment here.3 XMR. Jai quelques curs de CPU qui tournent H24 depuis quelque chose comme 10j, pour une puissance de calcul autour de 6 9KH/s. MinerGate Pool Statistics, finally, you are able to do web mining with Minergate, which is monero crypto pool fr very convenient and has contributed to the popularity of the pool. As for hashrate they are.59 MH/s. MoneroHash MoneroHash is one of the oldest pools for Monero, having been launched in October 2014.

Another factor that some look at is the minimum payout of the pool. You need to find a pool with servers that are located close to you, at least on the same continent. It has.7 uptime, which is quite good, and its mining pool fee is just 1, which is standard among mining pools. Xmrnanopool Dashboard, the minimum payment.3 XMR, and Nanopool has several payment rounds per day.

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Over the past week the uptime was.99, but over the past month it was just.74. One reason to avoid Nanopool is that it currently has the largest hashrate of any pool at 103 MH/s. Mining on your own, called solo mining, is still possible with Monero, and if you did find a block youd get a substantial amount of coins.

Uptime is an outstanding 100. The higher the fees, the lower the payouts and all other things being equal you want to find a mining pool with the lowest monero crypto pool fr fees so you can maximize your earnings.

Seconde question, je ne pige pas les info monero crypto pool fr que leur site permet dafficher propos de mon adresse publique : Pending Balance:. There are many good Monero mining pools, and your choice of which one to use tether erc20 usdt should be based on the location of the servers, the fees charged, the trustworthiness of the pool, the uptime of the pool, and the hash rate of the pool.