Monero data mdb

Run t and it will fetch the blockchain data from the folder you specified. The process in changing the blockchain location is simple on both GUI and CLI wallet. Wallet location, if you are using GUI wallet then it will ask for wallet location during the initial setup. Now open the GUI wallet, head to settings and stop daemon. My question is - where do I copy the n in xubuntu so I don't have to download it again. Finally, could anyone clarify the difference between: "Wallets block remaining: xxxx" and "Daemon blocks remaining (xxxx?

6 months ago people were saying it was 22GB big on reddit. Copy and move these three files to any directory you wish. I found the.

Press J to jump to the feed. Log In, sign Up, sort by, more posts from the monerosupport community. Currently Monero blockchain size is around. You can even move to an external hard drive or flash drives.

My local node b is 52GB

Before it does so or if you dont have enough space already then learn how to move Monero blockchain data files safely to another drive where you have enough space. In app data I have bitmonero and then inside that folder it has n, n, and. Blockchain location: Monero keeps the blockchain and other core files at C:ProgramData. You dont need so many wallets, just 2 or 3 most popular crypto currency core wallets are enough to fill your hard drive.

If you are using any of these wallets then below instructions should help you in moving your wallet blockchain data to another disk. CLI wallet, while GUI wallet has this option in built, in CLI there is a different work around and is simple as well. Also, if I monero data mdb remember correctly, when I started the local node a message saying the blockchain was 15GB appeared. By default it puts your wallet file at C:UsersusernameDocuments.

If you are one of them then soon the blockchain data is going to eat up the remaining disk space. You can do so by checking the last modified date and time of the file.