Bitcoin longs vs shorts

Pain is bad and mana is good. Pain score increases when traders are adding to Bitcoin positions while the market is moving against them. Will this bearish Bitcoin whale gain the upper hand and profit from a plunge much lower while the rest of the market is long and ripe for another squeeze down? Squeezing a trader of this size given the leverage seems unlikely. Sitting in a long position waiting for upside to eventually return to Bitcoin makes sense even if it is a game of patience, but staying short while Bitcoin pumps doesnt seem logical.

But which side will win, and what will happen when she finally blows? Right now, on one of the most prominent cryptocurrency trading platforms on the market, a battle between those whales is taking place, causing both long and short positions to reach all-time high levels. Get the real time Bitcoin longs vs shorts trading data, explorador clásico de ethereum trading ideas, live bitcoin chat box live market updates. BTC Long-Short Ratio, symbol 2021 l Rights Reserved. Traders on Bitfinex are irrationally long, to the tune of more than.7 billion. Live data, pain and Mana is a health-score that is calculated by Datamish.

Predict the price bitcoin longs vs shorts of BTC AAB and win up to 5,000 usdt! If you want to learn more the about how pain and mana score works then go to one of the time three frames and consider how price, shorts, and longs have developed within in that timeframe.

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Shorts and longs are near record highs on Bitfinex Source: btcusd on m, thar She Blows: What Happens When One Side Finally Wins? Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from. Those positions are already underwater with the move up higher, but Bitcoin price has since pulled back to allow the bear whale to breathe a bit.

They are regaining energy. Related Reading, classical Chartered Market Technician Warns Of Bitcoin Bear Trap. Pain and mana score does not tell you anything you couldnt figure out for yourself by looking bitcoin longs vs shorts at the price chart, the longs chart, and the shorts chart.

Increased mana score happens when traders are closing their Bitcoin positions while price is moving with them. So they could be in for a squeeze. Short positions were at a record low, bitcoin longs vs shorts then shot up by nearly 500 million from what is likely one major player.